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St Olav's Way - 643km

These pages are a short introduction to the route in Norway which I walked in 2008. It is an old pilgrimage route which had not been walked until recently.

Trondheim was an important pilgrim destination during the middle ages when people travelled from all over Northern Europe to the shrine of Saint Olav. Norway became protestant in the 16th century and so the routes were not well walked until the 1990's when a large amount of work was done on the whole route from Oslo to Trondheim was way-marked. Now revived the route is walked by many different people and for many reasons. It is now  a pilgrimage, a long distance walk or a series of shorter walks.

Whatever the reason for walking the route, it offers its own distinct flavour of forests, rivers, lakes and mountains (and animals if you can spot them!).

St Olav's Way starts in Oslo and works its way north to Trondheim 640km or 400miles away.
It takes between 25-30 days to complete.
First leaving Oslo and joining the Lake Mjosa, through Hamar and Lillehammer it crosses the mountains at Dovre and on to Trondheim.
You will find less walkers than on many others routes so is ideal if you want some time out to enjoy nature!